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   Balkan Lazer Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of cold forged parts,laser cutting, casting parts supplied in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and titanium; founded in 1978. 

Headquartered in Izmir, Turkey and later moved to Aydin province in 2009; Balkan Lazer has been serving as the reliable manufacturer for many industries such as automotive, machinery, agricultural equipment, medical equipment, defence and mining. 

Equipped to provide high quality forgings, casting and sheet forming as per international standards, the company also offers secondary operations like machining, heat treatment, coating and finishing, depending on the customers’ orders.

 Balkan Lazer Ltd operates a facility which has approximately 1000 sqm of production space. 

Balkan Lazer Ltd. is committed to maintain its success through the provision of consistently high level of quality , on time delivery and competitive pricing. 


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We are two brothers who continue our family company that has been operating since 1978. Our Experience in Business is what we learn from our perspective on work at a young age. We are trying to make it the most beneficial by improving our experience over time. As brothers, we combine our different abilities with training and technology within our possibilities, and continue to make more accurate and powerful productive decisions.
The main feature of our company with our leading geographic locations where we operate.

-Affordable labor cost

-Our flexible production technical experience

-Our staff working with dedication

-Owning a variety of machinery and equipment

-Our services provide customer satisfaction oriented

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Ata Ave. A.S.T.I.S Koop. 773 St. Nu:134 Efeler- Aydın-Turkiye